We make sure your child’s special education is all that it should be.

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Saint Raphael’s core mission is to partner with parents to ensure a bright future for the child while making the special education process as easy as possible for the parents.

We do this by demystifying special ed. We provide parents with much needed information and direct answers to questions. We then customize our advocacy services to meet the specific needs of the family. We synthesize information and options in order to not lose time for the child and to conserve precious down time for parents.

We strive for happy IFSP and IEP meetings. We do this by working closely with parents to understand their child’s strengths and weaknesses and to be a compelling voice for what is appropriately ambitious for the child at team meetings. We are committed to achieving a successful outcome through respectful dialogue and collaboration with team members.

Jennifer DiCarlo, JD – Founder / Advocate

Jen DiCarlo resides with her family in Saint Louis, Missouri. They are parishioners of Saint Anselm. 

Prior to founding Saint Raphael, Jen worked as a lawyer in Rhode Island and as a special education teacher in New York City. 

For the bulk of her career, Jen worked in insurance, defending claims against school districts (including special ed complaints.) In this capacity, she participated in numerous settlement conferences and mediations. As a result, Jen gained particular insight into how school administrators resolve problems and reach decisions as well as knowledge as to special education best practices. A former teacher herself, Jen holds educators in high regard and to high standards. 

It was her experience as a parent which prompted her to found Saint Raphael. Jen knows firsthand the difficulties and challenges facing parents who advocate for their own child in a team setting. At key crossroads for her own son, Jen relied heavily on her background as a teacher and lawyer, both in selecting the professionals for her son’s evaluations and care and in having the information necessary to make good decisions. 

Saint Raphael seeks to empower parents with a similar confidence to be proactive on behalf of their child. 



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Our Services


We help prepare parents for team meetings – both IFSP meetings for children under three and IEP meetings with school districts for children three and older. Together we identify areas of concern and the best means to address them.

We also attend team meetings in person or remotely to advocate and collaborate on appropriate plan goals. Saint Raphael advocates as much for the parents as for the child.


Saint Raphael connects parents to resources offered within the community including grants and private services. We will discuss every resource at the parents’ disposal to effectuate positive change for their child.


Saint Raphael offers consultations to parents of students in all settings including private schools.


Saint Raphael provides parent-as-advocate coaching / training and parent-led support groups.

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2 Cityplace Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63141

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